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What Are The Critical Factors Affecting Your Shipping Costs? 

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If you are a small or medium-sized company, understanding the critical factors affecting your shipping costs can give you a competitive edge.  Plus, you would know how to keep your expenses in check. 

Canadian Freight Quote helps you provide the lowest shipping cost in Western Canada. Read on for more information. 

1. Cost of Fuel 

The cost of fuel can affect the shipping cost. Obviously, the higher the fuel price, the higher you can expect a spike in the shipping cost. However, the market conditions fluctuate, and thus, the cost varies. 

In the future, electronic trucks could take over the industry to help resolve the issue! But, for now, the fuel cost is something to keep in mind! 

2. Poor Packaging Material 

Proper packaging is a must for shipping items. If there is poor packaging or poor material for packaging, it can result in damage and, thus, would eventually increase the shipping cost. 

When you package the items correctly and use materials of high quality, you can avoid damages and minimize possible expenses. In turn, it would lower your shipping costs in the long run. When doing business, you need to see the bigger picture! Poor packaging material may be cheap, but it comes with risks and can lead to damage. You surely don’t want angry customers!

3. Weather 

Although you may not consider the weather, it can increase your shipping cost. For example, if the weather conditions are unfavorable, it can cause an accident, damage to shipping items, and delays. 

Weather is beyond your control, but when running a business, it’s best to consider the area’s weather conditions and plan accordingly. 

4. Consulting Fees And Additional Charges 

Some companies can charge consulting fees and may charge extra for services. It can be an unexpected expense, and thus, your overall cost would increase. 

Luckily, Canadian Freight Quote offers free consulting and doesn’t charge extra unless you ask for additional services, for example, residential delivery or power tailgate service. 

When hidden charges and unexpected additional fees, it becomes challenging to run the business in the long run. 

5. Weight And Dimensions 

The weight and dimensions of the package play a vital role in reducing the shipping cost—the heavier the package, the more it can cost to ship.  However, optimizing the packaging can help reduce the shipping costs. It’s best to deal with professionals regarding packaging and shipping the items. 

It’s always best to get the quote. Plus, the company you work with must be transparent in dealing. There should be no additional or hidden charges once you get the right quote. Unless you ask for additional service or add more items, the quote must be fair. 

#6. Distance And Destination 

The distance and destination can also affect the shipping cost. Obviously, the greater the distance, the higher the cost! 

So, when starting a business, it’s vital to consider all the critical factors. For example, which shipping company would be best for your business, which areas you would cater to, where your target market resides, and more.  

You can consider all such factors and find third-party logistics and freight brokers who have years of experience and expertise to provide a smooth operation. After all, the reputation of your business depends on it! So, find a company that offers affordable rates and the best service considering the distance and destinations!

7. Dealing with Wrong Service Providers 

Dealing with the wrong service providers can affect the efficiency of your shipping operations. 

You can expect delays in delivery, and thus, your customers will be unhappy. The last thing you want for your business is unsatisfied customers. It also means damaged shipping items. It can ruin the reputation of your business. So, dealing with professionals is a must! 
With the wrong service providers, you can also expect unprofessional customer service and an unexpected shipping cost increase. 


What happens if you don’t consider the critical factors for lowering the shipping costs? 

Let’s say you ignore the critical factors; then you can expect unsatisfied customers. The reputation of your business could also be at stake because of it. Running a successful business requires patience, intelligence, and consistent hard work. But, you need to work with professionals when outsourcing. 

How would you know if you are dealing with professionals? 

You can look at the online presence of third-party logistics and freight brokers. You can check the reviews and testimonials. It would give you a glimpse of what to expect. You can also look at the website and see what services are available. There would also be a section of FAQs to give you reliable answers to the queries on your mind. Plus, you can also ask questions and get an idea about customer service. For example, if the response is poor or no response at all, you can avoid interacting with the business. 

How considering the critical factors can help you in the industry? 

If you take into account the critical factors for lowering the shipping cost, it can help you achieve a competitive edge. You can make more profits when you have the best service providers and the most affordable shipping cost! Plus, it can help you achieve satisfied customers. 

Why Consider Canadian Freight Quote? 

Canadian Freight Quote provides excellent customer service. CFQ has the experience and expertise that helps you run your business smoothly. There are no hidden or unexpected charges. You get a free consultation! Just fill out the form, and you will be good. If you have questions or concerns, you can contact Canadian Freight Quote today. 

Wrapping It Up 

There are various critical factors that you need to consider to lower the shipping cost and run your business smoothly-for example, fuel cost, packaging material, weather, consulting fees and hidden charges, weight and dimension, distance, and dealing with the wrong service providers. Working with professionals like Canadian Freight Quote helps you get lower shipping costs. You can focus on business while CFQ handles the logistics and shipping hassles!

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